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How would like to come out of your doctor’s clinic with a new nose?

You might think that is impossible. Well, think again. 

If you are interested in this treatment, here are the basic facts that you need to know before getting non-surgical nose job in Singapore.

Rhinoplasty Vs. Nose Fillers

You might not be surprised to know that getting a nose job is actually one of the most common cosmetic procedures requested among both men and women. You must have probably heard of someone you know having his nose fixed or a celebrity rumored to have gone under the knife to improve her nose. A subtle change in the nose can actually enhance a person’s facial feature and make for a stunning result.

However, as much as you would want a nose job, you hesitate because you must have only heard about surgical rhinoplasty. For one, it is a highly invasive procedure, which means you may need to get off from work for a couple of weeks to ensure a good healing time. There are also some who do not like other people to know that have had their noses done. With surgical rhinoplasty, there really is no escape from people knowing, unless you go in hibernation and not be seen in public for a couple of days.

Aside from that, surgical rhinoplasty can be pretty expensive. Also, there are risks involved when getting a surgical nose job done. You might not be satisfied with the work done on your nose and getting a corrective rhinoplasty can be lot more expensive than the first time you had it.

But, despite these, the surgical nose job does hold a promise of a long lasting new set of nose, which you can be proud to show off with your family and peers.

An alternative to the surgical rhinoplasty is by getting a nose filler procedure or what is popularly called a Non-Surgical Nose Job. Unlike the surgical method, the Non-Surgical Nose Job will only require an injection to enhance your nose. It is a far less invasive procedure, which is a great option for those who have a huge fear of going under the knife. While the result of nose filler is temporary, which can usually last up to 18 months, it is a cheaper option.

Fill Me In


Dermal Fillers Treatment

Non-Surgical Nose Jobs use dermal fillers to enhance the shape of your nose. Fillers are injected to the areas of your nose that need enhancement in its shape and contour. These injectable fillers made up of hydraulic acid, which is commonly used in cosmetic and skin care products, are tissue-friendly. So, you would not worry, as these fillers are safe and will not damage your nose tissue.

These fillers will help shape, contour and balance out the proportions of your existing nose and of your face, as well. Just like with a surgical rhinoplasty, you will need to have a consultation with a doctor to discuss your expectation, which by the way should be realistic and attainable, and the ways on how your nose will be improved. Slight changes to the nose can actually make a huge difference in the look of your new nose. Some of the more common changes in the shape of the nose, include:

There is no need for any preparation for this treatment. No blood works, special diet or certain creams to apply because this procedure simply gets you right on with it.

  • Filling in the bulbous tip of the nose
  • Balancing a crooked nose
  • Minimizing the dorsal hump
  • Filling in the dorsal scoop for a higher nose bridge
  • Widening of the alar base
  • Widening of the nose bridge
  • Fixing an under projected nose tip
  • Filling in a retracted culmella
  • Making a plunging nose tip, or a witch’s nose, less noticeable

No Pain, But More to Gain

Before the dermal fillers will be injected to the area of your nose, a topical numbing cream or local anesthesia will be administered to make the entire procedure painless. All you will be able to feel will be the sensation of the fillers being injected to the area of your nose. This is an advantage of nose fillers as it is far less invasive than rhinoplasty.

While the entire procedure really does not literally get finished in exactly five minutes, the Non-Surgical Nose Job is very quick and easy to perform in the hands of an experienced doctor. The length of time that you will be sitting inside the clinic will greatly depend on the expectation and the goal you have agreed between you and your doctor. However, the procedure can be performed quickly that you can simply go to the doctor’s clinic during your lunch break and still have time to get back just to your office without getting late. Just make sure you already have set an appointment with your doctor.

Also, while it is quick to perform, you would not want to rush your doctor and regret it later because you did not get the nose you had hoped for, do you? Your doctor will always meticulously perform the procedure well enough that you will be satisfied with the result, even if it may take longer than five minutes.

Bruising and Swelling, Minimal to None

Unlike surgical rhinoplasty, getting nose fillers has very little downtime. There is no need for strenuous post-operative care regimen or feeling groggy after the entire procedure. You can literally step out of the doctor’s clinic and get back to your work with very minimal discomfort. There maybe instances where you will need to wear small support tapes on the areas where the fillers are injected within the first 24 hours. Though very rare, there also cases where minimal swelling and bruising may occur, which will eventually subside a day or two after the procedure has been done.

My Nose Is Lumpy

There might some circumstances where lumpiness occurs in the target areas of the nose. Do not fret, as this can be easily corrected. Your doctor can gently massage it to even it out.

Temporary Fix

It is important that you remember that, unlike rhinoplasty, getting nose filler is not permanent and will require touch ups after a few months. Dermal fillers naturally disintegrate in to your system, so you may need a follow up with another session after 12 to 18 months after you had your nose done.

Can I Get A Non-Surgical Nose Job?

If you are bent on getting a better nose for aesthetic reasons only, this is a great alternative than going under the knife. If you need just a little tweaking to the shape and contour of your nose then Non-Surgical Nose Job is for you.

However, if you are thinking of fixing your nose because of a deviated septum or because you figured in an accident causing damage to your nose, a surgical rhinoplasty might be the proper and best option for you. Nose filler are typically used to create aesthetic improvement and enhancement to your nose.

Getting a new nose certainly will make a huge difference in your overall appearance. While there is a change in the physical appearance, nose jobs definitely impact you more by giving you self-confidence and self-assurance.

The results vary according to each patient. Some may only need a single session and already result to a smoother and more rejuvenated look, while others require more treatment.

If you want get a finely contoured nose without the need to go under the knife, the Renewal Aesthetic Clinic in Singapore offers Nose Filler procedure. A personal consultation with Dr. Tyng Tan will discuss with you your expectations, as well as, the methods to achieve the nose that you have been longing for.

Setup your no-obligation consultation with Dr Tyng Tan to see if Non-Surgical Nose Job is right for you!

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