5 Skin Care Treatments that Can Boost Collagen


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As a paying customer who wants the best value for our hard-earned money, it is in our nature to question the products and services that we spend on. And with several anti-aging treatments in the market today, we are left with quite a dilemma on which ones to trust.

There are so many DIY beauty packages available, which are not so bad at all. But there are those who prefer professional treatments for the certainty of achieving what they really want, in terms of antiaging, under experienced hands.

Here are five professional treatments that have been sworn by many to work in taking off years from their faces. Thanks to its underlying action of restoring and stimulating collagen production. Why is it important to restore collagen you might ask? It is only one of the most important protein, along with elastin, that gives the skin its elasticity, strength, suppleness and youth.

Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers are substances that are derived from different sources. They are injected into the skin so that the treated area will have a more youthful and fuller appearance.

Hyaluronic acid

This is a type of dermal filler that has a natural water-binding component. It focuses on the fibroblasts, the skin cells that produce collagen and elastin, by surrounding it with water. This action stimulates collagen production. So in addition to plumping up the area, you are also generating collagen renewal, which further enhances the effect.

Hyaluronic acid fillers have long been used to correct changes that are part of aging, particularly in areas such has the lower half of the face. This includes the nasolabial folds, vertical lip lines, the marionette lines at the sides of the mouth, and thinning lips. This particular filler is also great for enhancing the volume on the cheeks.

Restylane is one of the popular hyaluronic acid fillers in the market today. It is a non-animal stabilized hyaluronic acid, which is approved for mid-dermal applications such as lip augmentation, deep wrinkle correction and nasolabial fold correction.

According to research, Restylane injections, not only stimulates the fibroblasts to stimulate collagen production, but it also protects the existing collagen in the treated area.


This is also another popular dermal filler known for it instantaneous correction of facial wrinkles. But aside from restoring facial volume, Radiesse also stimulates your body to produce its own collagen thanks to its calcium hydroxylapatite content. This effect restores the fullness and smoothness, which can last you a year or more.


This is another collagen stimulating dermal fller which is clinically proven to smooth deep lines and wrinkles. It also restores facial volume lost through the aging process, but it also builds up your natural collagen so that it smoothens out the lines and wrinkles resulting in a much  younger-looking appearance. The improvement with Sculptra is gradual but the result can last up to 25 months.

Laser stimulation

Lasers have come a long way in terms of collagen renewal since it was first introduced. Laser skin rejuvenation actually comprises a number of different treatments. Back in the day, it was used to remove  the topmost layer of the skin, or the epidermis, and some portions of the upper layers of the dermis. One can say that the process was rather aggressive, as it leaves a patient with open wounds on the skin surface. This is why non-ablative lasers were introduced.

These types of laser skin resurfacing treatments use laser or light sources that leaves the outer layer of the skin unharmed. It focuses on the deep dermal layers instead to improve the appearance of wrinkles, skin texture and laxity.

CO2 Laser resurfacing

This laser treatment has found a couple of improvements over the years. The later version of  CO2 lasers uses short pulsed light energy or continuous breams that are delivered to the treatment area in a scanning manner. With just minimal heat damage, it removes thin layers of the skin. This treatment is able to reverse sun damage, blotchiness, and melasma. It also diminishes fine lines, acne scarring and wrinkles. But more importantly, it initiates collagen production promoting skin tightening.

Erbium Laser

This type of laser is designed to improve surface level and moderately deep wrinkles. This type of laser is reported to have lesser side effects, such as swelling, redness and bruising. Therefore, recovery time is much faster in comparison to CO2 lasers. Erbium laser removes fine layers of the skin through vapourization, promotes the growth of new and healthy cells and stimulates the repair and renewal of collagen and elastin layers.

Fractional lasers

Fractional laser treatment provides a non-invasive treatment as it only uses a laser beam delivered through a device that divides the beam into a thousand microscopic treatment zones. These beams target a fraction of the skin at a time. Once it penetrates the dermal layers, it sets of a reaction which initiates collagen remodelling and collagen formation. On the outside, this type of laser corrects facial lines, wrinkles, uneven skin pigmentation, photoaging, acne scarring, chloasma and surgical scars.

Chemical Peels

If there is something that easily spells skin renewal, that would be chemical peels. What is important about this treatment is that, not only does it work on improving the outermost layer of skin, but it also reaches deep within to initiate renewal. The exfoliation process created by a chemical peel enhances collagen growth resulting in a younger-looking and healthy skin. In addition to that, peels increase cell turnover rate giving skin a smoother texture.

But the tricky part about chemical peels is that they work best when the chemicals used are compatible with your skin type. This is where professional help is very important. Only trained and experienced professionals will be able to determine what is appropriate for your skin type and what your skin really needs. Remember, chemical peels come in different strength with each suited for different skin types and issues.  Also, having a professional do this protects you from damaging your skin further, which some are unfortunate enough to encounter giving peels a bad reputation.

Hormone Replacement Therapy

A hormone replacement therapy is also another way to curb the aging process. This is more common in women who are in their post-menopausal period. This treatment came about after evidence showed that topical estrogen therapy can result in the improvement of conditions that stemmed from aging, such as osteoporosis, heart disease, which they call the estrogen depleted chronological aging of the skin.

Research showed that aging skin is largely affected by a decline in estrogen levels after a woman goes through menopause. And of all the hormones that are associated with old age, estrogen has the most profound effect on the skin. It results in decreased skin thickness as epidermis starts to thin, which also entails loss of collagen. Without that support underneath, skin structures deteriorate making wrinkles appear deeper and skin pores to widen.

Evidence showed that there is up to 30% loss of collagen after menopause. And this will continue to increase if estrogen replacement therapy is not done.

Studies showed that those postmenopausal women who underwent estrogen replacement therapy developed less wrinkles, better skin texture and elasticity. Research even showed that those women who received the therapy improved their levels of collagen by up to 48% higher than those who did not.

As much as this treatment holds a lot of promise, it should be carefully considered and with much caution. Hormone replacement therapy also has several side effects and untoward reactions. It can result in certain conditions such as heart disease and cancer. So you have to do discuss this at length with your primary health care provider.

Radiofrequency stimulation

This type of treatment uses radiofrequency energy that is directed to the dermal layers, while sparing the outer layers from harm to stimulate collagen and elastin renewal. The most popular RF treatment is Thermage.

It is a machine that has been around for quite some time now and has proven itself to be effective in improving the signs of aging and promote collagen renewal underneath. But the problem is in the manner of delivery. Older machines seem to be highly uncomfortable causing a lot of potential customers to search for less painful options.

Fortunately, Thermage technology has been improved resulting in the new Thermage CPT (Comfort Pulse Technology). This machine is able to deliver RF energy at optimum levels that maximizes its beneficial action without any pain at all.

It heats the deeper layers, where collagen and elastin are found, in a uniformed fashion making it more efficient. This treatment is regarded as a nonsurgical facelift, as it plumps and lifts the skin as it initiates the production of new collagen.

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