Skin Care Treatments Couples Would Love

Skin Care Treatments Couples Would LoveWhen couples get married and decide to live with each other, that arrangement includes looking after each other. One of the aspects that is often neglected happens to be the skin. The start of their lives together can also be the perfect time to start a skin regimen and get treatments that would do both husband and wife a lot of good in the long run. Fortunately, there are skin care treatments that both men and women can take together and below are some of them for your consideration.


Basic Skin Care Tips

Because you want your better half to look his or her best for as long as they can, there are some basic skin tips that should be considered in the long run.

Know Your Skin

A lot of people do not really care about their skin that much, not even enough for them to know what their skin type is or what is the current condition of their skin. For this objective, the couple should go to a dermatologist for accurate knowledge about their skin and what should be done to protect it. A professional point of view should never be neglected.

Get the Right Diet

What people eat shows on their body and of course on their skin. And because you are a couple now, it becomes easier to plan your food and include the super foods that improve not only your health, but the quality of your skin as well. Some of these foods include grapefruit, cucumbers, tomatoes, and kale.

Regular Professional Facials

What might have started out as a wedding gift could also be a healthy component for couples who aim to take care of their skin seriously. These facials massage your skin, scalp, and decolletage to stimulate blood circulation and make the skin look youthful. Extractions can also be requested to get the dirt out of the pores.

Aside from medical facials, there are other treatments that couples can get and benefit from together. Below are seven of these treatments.

7 Medical Aesthetic Treatments Couples Would Love


A popular non-invasive skin exfoliating treatment, this is a good couple activity for those who want to refresh their skin. It works by spraying fine aluminum dioxide micro crystals on the face with the use of a minimally-abrasive machine that sanding or blasting away the top layer of dull skin cells. This procedure makes the fresh skin resurface and reduces sun spots, fine lines wrinkles and enlarged pores.

Couples who have some light scars, discoloration or whose skin have been damaged by the sun are the ones who shall benefit the most from this because the treatment hastens the exfoliation of the dad skin and completely stimulates the growth of the new ones. The removal of the dead outer layer of the skin takes care of the irregular pigmentation of the skin.

Best part of the treatment is its promise of a painless procedure and there is hardly any downtime to consider. Combined with other aesthetic treatments, the results are maximized when done over a series of sessions in two to three months.

Facial Fillers

Very similar to muscle relaxants, tiny injections of dermal fillers or soft tissue fillers are done on the face to even out the skin and consequently diminish the look of wrinkles while restoring the volume to the face and giving the couple that youthful looking appearance for as long as they want it.

These fillers are more commonly used on the lower part of the face and is used to fill out the deepened nasolabial folds and the unsightly sunken cheeks and eyes. It also corrects some minor deformities of the nose and the lips. Acne scars and other genetic imperfections can also be erased by this treatment as well as define the contours of some vital facial parts like the cheeks, jaw and lips.

Perfect for on-the-go couples, the treatment can be finished in 30 minutes or less and the pain is usually negligibly minimal. Though allowed to go back to their normal activities, couples should avoid strenuous movements and direct sunlight exposure.

Anti-Wrinkle Injections

Considered as the number one among the minimally-invasive treatments for both sexes, Botox is popularly used as a muscle relaxant by both sexes and makes it ideal for couples to benefit from at the same time.

Because it is gender friendly, it has been one of the top anti-aging treatments and usually accounts for about half of minimally invasive procedures done in a year and has quickly become popular with men, earning it the moniker “bro-tox.”

Scientifically known as Botulinum Toxin A, this purified protein is used to block the nerve signals that is intended to weaken and paralyze the affected muscles. Such paralysis smoothens or reduces the unsightly lines on the face, including crow’s feet, the movement-associated wrinkles on the forehead, and the frown lines found between the eyebrows.

Injecting the toxin in the problem area is done with an ultra-fine needle and takes roughly 5-10 minutes to be finished. It is also painless and hardly any recovery period is needed.

Chemical Peels

Considered as one of the earliest aesthetic treatment in the business, chemical peels are solutions that are topically applied on the face to exfoliate the top layer of the skin. Acceleration of the peeling and revelation of the youthful skin underneath is to be expected from this treatment.

Fine lines, wrinkle acne scars, sun spots, and enlarged pores are reduced by this chemical which can be a deep peel or a superficial one. Deep peels are applied one time, big time while the superficial ones are done over a series of 6 sessions. Both treatments take around 30 minutes to get done, but the deep ones require some downtime from the patient.


For the fat-conscious couple, this is a good treatment for them, specifically those who do not want to go through surgery to get rid of it. Hence, cryolipolysis or fat freezing was invented.

This is done by cooling the subcutaneous fat cells and once they are cold, they are carried of by the lymphatic system and just eventually dissolves. It can get of up to 25% of the fatty layers with results varying depending on the condition of the individual’s skin. 

Medical Facials

While spa facials are excellent stress relievers, medical facials provide a more extensive skin rejuvenating benefit.

Traditionally not the territory of the guys, facials are now becoming popular with the male species, making it easier for the wives to convince their husbands to have it. Couple facials are now available to give deep exfoliation and renew the skin surface, not to mention the relaxation that goes with it. This relaxing skin care treat can be spaced out within 6-12 weeks with 5-8 sessions and there is absolutely no downtime required for this treatment. Outside of its own merits, it is a great complimentary treatment for the others like the tissue fillers, microdermabrasion, and laser rejuvenation.


A unique age-defying facial, the Microdermaglo will help provides the vital nutrients into the skin, deep enough for the nutrients to be superbly absorbed by the skin. This facial uses the cutting-edge technology of oxygen infusion and another favorite which is microdermabrasion. Such technology brings out the radiant and youthful glow that you have been dreaming of while keeping your skin rejuvenated, nourished, and most importantly hydrated.

For couples who want to have great skin together, Renewal Aesthetics offers a wide range of medical aesthetic treatment that will bring back the glow to your skin. Call us now or simply fill-out our inquiry form to schedule your consultation with resident specialist Dr. Tyng Tan today!

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