Top 10 Habits You Must Avoid for Beautiful and Radiant Skin


Waking up in the morning to a face that looked ravaged and a lot older is not the best way to start anybody’s day. Unfortunately, that is the case for a lot of us. It is a good thing that beauty is actually skin deep. That is why it is best to have a better understanding of our skin and the usual things we are doing wrong which could lead to premature destruction. Below are some habits that we must ditch to bring back the youthful glow of our aging skin.

Makeup at the Gym

Yes, there is a sizeable crowd who could see you in your barest state and this justifies keeping your make-up on while lifting those heavy weights. Workouts tend to cause the buildup of excess oil and a higher risk of clogged pores. Combine this with make-up that also contains oils that cause a bad case of clogged skin. The areas affected are usually the forehead, chin, and nose. On top of all of these, sweating also opens up the pores and with a layer of make-up on top of it, the skin becomes a good target for dirt and bacteria that could eventually lead to the unwanted breakouts.

Picking Your Scars

This is not some emo situation, but more of that uncontrollable urge to just pick on the scars of your face because of the belief that they would eventually disappear. Remember that if it is a smaller scar that is caused by shaving or a rather forceful scratch, there are creams that would help flatten them and get rid of the redness that comes with it. For the more serious scars, the best treatment would be skin laser treatment. Beyond that, it also helps to restore the natural color of your skin.

Neck and Chest Please

A lot of people tend to focus on the face and just completely leave out the other areas that are covered with skin, specifically the neck and chest. Any amount or layer of skin needs that same amount of dedication and treatment that you give your face. So, do not forget to spread the love to those parts too.

Lacking the Nourishment

As important as it is for the overall nourishment of the body, food can also adversely affect your skin in a big way. And among the things you must avoid would be dairy products. It can worsen conditions such as cystic acne. The best solution for this would be to opt for unsweetened almond milk.

Pimples for the Picking

Any good dermatologist would tell you to never pick on your pimples and for good reason. By picking on them, you create scars that could eventually become pock marks or hyperpigmentation. This will be more difficult to hide with make-up than the regular blemish so you do not really want to have them on your face. You should not also rush popping your pimples that are not mature yet for popping because this can cause the rupture of your skin and eventually the dreaded breakouts. So, the next time you have a stubborn pimple, just go to your dermatologist for some expert advice.

Too Much Exfoliation

While it is true that the skin needs regular exfoliation, this should not be an excuse to have it as many times as you want. Because when this is overdone, you can irritate your skin and cause it to flake. Putting on make-up becomes more daunting in this situation and might affect sensitive skin. What’s advisable would be a couple of times every week with the use of a scrub that with smooth beads. Gentle enzymes and chemical peels are advisable too.

Makeup Even While Sleeping

It is just so easy to hit the sack after a long day and just sleep away. And while this seems so natural to do, you should always take the time to remove any makeup on your face. This becomes more important for those who are prone to acne or those with oily skin because the excess oil produced during the day mixes with the makeup you had on clogging up your pores. So, wash your face before going to bed.

Get Your Hand Away from Your Chin

As silly as it sounds, allowing your chin to rest on your hands can actually cause sagging, wrinkles, and the unsightly fine lines. Just be aware of this if it is a habit and avoid doing it until you do not do it anymore. Good posture also helps in this case.

Eyes are Not for Rubbing

The fine lines around the eye area are apparently caused by rubbing your eyes. Unknown to most, the skin around the eyes are one of the most sensitive areas of the face. That’s why the lines here are among the first to come out to reveal any wear and tear. Other irritants include pulling on the skin as you put your contacts, putting eyeliner, and really aggressive rubbing. These habits can tear the collagen and adversely affect the elasticity of the fibers within.

Cigarettes, Chewing Gum and Straw

While everybody knows how bad smoking is for the health, only a few are aware of its capability to create the wrinkles around your mouth. It has become so obvious that it was termed “smoker’s lines.” Sipping from a straw also creates the said lines when done repeatedly. Another motion of the mouth to avoid is chewing on your gum. Aside from the lines it produces, it also creates issues related to the structure of the mouth. So, to stop all of this, you need to break away from this terrible habit.

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