Essential Skincare for Heavy Makeup Users

skin-care-for-heavy-make-up-usersFor makeup lovers, nothing beats the high of painting that perfect face for all the world to see. Some need it for their jobs, while others wear to increase their self-esteem. However, when the time comes for its removal, some women find it difficult to do and leave them on until they wake up the following day.

Though it sounds like a petty case of laziness, the effects on the skin of such women are big enough to force them to do it every time they need to put their cosmetics on. Unfortunately, not a lot of women are aware of the consequences of such a very important mistake.

Sleep with a Clean Face

Women are more particular with their skin regimen than men so it comes as a big surprise to know that some women could actually sleep with their makeup on. This is the biggest mistake a woman can make because the best time to remove one’s makeup is right before going to bed and you have to refresh as soon as your eyes open in the morning. Below are the negative effects that can happen to your skin when you sleep with makeup on.

Pimple Breakouts

The makeup that you put on your face inevitably traps all the dirt that your face absorbs during the day. Dead skin cells also remain on the face until you finally remove the makeup on your face. When dirt is given the chance to remain on your face, the pores get poorly clogged and this leads to the chronic inflammation that is otherwise known as pimples.

For those who use makeup to cover pimples or pimple blemishes, it is imperative for you to clean your face at the end of the day to prevent your skin condition from worsening.

Complexion Gets Dull

There are days when you wake up in the morning and you see your skin looking dull and without life. Nobody wants to wake up to that. This is primarily because your skin did not get the right amount of cleansing that it should have had the night before.

The outermost layer of the skin is matted with oils and dead skin cells when it is pushed against a pillow, which is usually the case for everyone. Such an act diminishes the natural turnover of the skin, leaving it looking dull and lifeless.

With regular cleansing, and exfoliation, the healthy new skin cells are allowed to be revealed, a sign that the natural repair process of the skin is successful. With this wonderful state that your skin is in, you do not even need to put on makeup that much and that makes it more worthwhile to clean your face properly before sleeping.

Skin Ages Faster

When you do not give your skin the chance to lose all the dirt and makeup trapped on it, you actually cause what is called an environmentally-induced oxidative damage. The downside of this condition is that it breaks down the barrier of the skin and ages your face a lot earlier that it should.

Studies have shown that when a woman stops washing her face for a complete month and just reapplies the makeup she regularly puts on everyday, she just ages by 10 years. This is a very big difference from the real age of her skin.

Vulnerable to Infections

A lot of women do not realize that their skin is their first line of defense against infections. So when you leave your face unwashed and it so happened that your skin had an active abrasion like an inflamed pimple, the chances of getting an infection is greatly increased. Such infections can actually be avoided by having a really great skin regimen which includes leaving no trace of makeup on before sleeping.

Rashes May Appear

For the perfect look that you want to paint on your face, makeup needs to be composed of ingredients that unfortunately are also irritants. Such ingredients include dyes and perfumes. When these are left on the skin overnight or longer, they can actually cause inflammations. Women with sensitive skin should bear this to heart because they are more susceptible to this condition.

Skin-care Tips for Makeup Users

Deep Cleanse Everyday

For those who wear heavy makeup, begin your cleaning regimen with a quick wipe. For those with normal to dry skin, a gentle cleanser that gets rid of the makeup and the other impurities it kept with it. Those with oily skin should use exfoliating cleansers that contain alpha-hydroxy acids. For the acne-prone skin type, use a topical treatment that is infused with dapsone.

The post-cleansing routine should include a thin coat of a light moisturizing cream that shall protect the skin. Just make sure that the moisturizer you choose is also clear of irritating substances.

Know your Ingredients

Consumers usually do not read labels, but for something as important as the face, you should be aware of them and how they might affect your face. This sounds a bit too complicated but as a rule of thumb, when there is a long list of chemically sounding names, there is reason to avoid the product. Beware of exotic ingredients too. You will never know how they might make your skin react.

How to Reverse the Effects of Makeup on the Face

With the development of technology in the field of cosmetics, women now have the chance to reverse the adverse effects of makeup with some treatments that are trusted for the repair of damaged skin.

Chemical Peels

Resurfacing the skin can be done by some treatments and chemical peeling is one of them. This requires the injury of the parts of skin that you want to treat. After that happens, the healing process is allowed to take place to bring out the new and healthier-looking skin underneath the damaged one.

For this purpose, there are different types of peels that are appropriate for different skin types. If the patient needs very superficial changes, mild chemicals like glycolic acid are the best for them. If there is need for a dramatic change, more potent peels like phenol is recommended.


This procedure uses a small and rapidly spinning wheel that has a roughened surface that is comparable to sandpaper to abrade the skin. Such abrasion is done to remove the upper layers of the skin and is recommended for the treatment of scars that were caused by acne. It is also effective in diminishing the vertical wrinkles around the mouth that is thought to cause lipstick “bleed.” And because the treated area will not look any different from the surrounding areas, there is little or hardly any trace of pigmentation.

Dermabrasion is great for treating wrinkles, skin blotchiness age spots and scars from acne or other reasons.

Laser Resurfacing

For the more sophisticated resurfacing needs, laser resurfacing is the one to beat. There are basically two types of this procedure with the first one creating a uniform “injury” to the skin that can be likened to a deeper chemical peel or dermabrasion treatment. This variety gives greater control for the depth of the injury than what can be done with dermabrasion or peeling.

The other one drills holes into the deeper layers of the skin which is called “fractional resurfacing.” A majority of the skin surface is not affected with this variety and it tightens the skin by “connecting the dots” or the situation when the collagen contracts between the tiny laser holes.

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