Battle of the Facials: Spa Facial Versus Medical Facial


Facials are often associated with pampering one’s self after a hard day at work. In some cases, they are referred to as treatment for serious skin ailments. In both cases, it is all about how it can benefit your face. But which is the better choice? Below are some of the factors you need to know in which one will bring you your most beautiful persona to the fore.

Criteria for Knowing the Better One

Choosing the right one is not easy because there are so many factors to consider if you want to do it right. You have to know your unique skin traits which include your medical history, the specific skin condition you have, the availability of the kind of tools that you need, and of course the provider. So this means the need can be anything from a vanity-inspired motive to a really serious one that needs immediate attention.

Who Do You Need?

Let’s begin with their professionals. When we talk about spa facials, the one to look for would be the aesthetician while medical facials have dermatologists.

Between the two, the dermatologist would be considered as the one with the training, certification and experience, having completed his medical studies with matching internship and passing of the national examinations to get the required license to practice in the field. It means that they are equipped with the credentials to handle more serious cases that include skin cancer, mole growth, hair loss, severe acne, eczema, rashes, eczema, and hives.

Aestheticians should not be underestimated also because they are also schooled in the different skin conditions and how to treat the most common skin problems with the use of non-invasive procedures and products. The only difference is that their expertise is directly related to the length of professional experience in the field. Such professionals are sought less serious skin concerns like mild acne, dry patches, and wrinkles.

Which is the Better Choice?

The Spa Facial

When you get a facial spa, it would be more for the short-term and gratifying wonders of the treatment and are meant to give you comfort that soothes more than it pleases the eye.

The Medical Facial

Though admittedly not as relaxing or luxurious a treatment, this is the kind of facial that deals with serious skin concerns that requires a clinical approach to achieve the skin objectives of the patient.

For this kind of facial, it is expected for the dermatologist to use potent concentrations and ingredients that are of prescription-strength and hi-tech equipment and gadgets. In most cases this also includes a  combination of skin treatments , such as chemical peels, microdermabrasion, and laser treatment.

The Benefits of Medical Facials

Compared to spa facials, the medical facials are proven to be trusted and sought-after for their expertise.

Though these are really potent, nothing beats the natural ways of keeping your skin healthy. Such steps include maintaining a well-balanced and healthy diet, drinking as much water as you can in a day, regularly exercising and other activities that encourage sweating, and getting the right number of hours of sleep. The combination of both approaches will ensure the healthy and glowing look of your skin.

Skin Analysis

For the dermatologist to know the exact treatment to give, the first step would be skin analysis through a detailed and thorough discussion on the skin needs that you would like to address. Such dermatologists are actually able to “see” the skin just by touching them, but they will not rely solely on that skill. They need hard facts and this is the benefit that this analysis shall give.

Inside Out Cleansing

More than your usual facials that supposedly clean and get rid of all the dirt on your face, medical facials treat your skin from the inside to the external surface of the skin. They can provide the proper medicine for your skin regimen. To start you off on a good note, you can expect a deep pore cleansing that usually uses products and equipment that allows the doctor to deeply clean the skin while maintaining its natural barrier function that is characterized by balanced pH, oils and lipids. They are absolutely essential to the good health of your skin.

Customized Treatments

Because of their expertise, dermatologists are capable of producing and combining products to come up with a skin regimen that is tailor-made for you. This approach encompasses all the possible skin conditions that you could think of like adult acne, aging concerns, and rosacea or melasma. Not only will they provide the best treatments, they also include medical facials that professionally takes care of your skin type, tone and desired smooth texture.

More than Skin Deep

When they say that they go skin deep, they meant working on a cellular level, which works the best because it deals with the full cycle of skin regeneration that includes shedding and the wonderful regeneration of skin cells. Recommended for this kind of treatment would be the very popular dermabrasion and chemical peels. To maximize their benefits, you have to get the treatment every 4-6 weeks. Once you begin to do this, you will soon see the improvements.

The Essential Exfoliation

To stimulate cell renewal, exfoliation is offered. This can be either physical like the microdermabrasion crystals or with the use of chemical peels like acids and enzymes. Aside from the much need skin renewal, they are effective for removing accumulated dry skin, takes care of discoloration, and minimally erases breakout marks. The active ingredients are also allowed to be absorbed deeper within the skin to maximize their skin renewal properties.

Get Some Steam

As minor as it sounds, steam is also essential to good skin care because it warms the skin’s surface to make it more ready and receptive to the other treatments that the dermatologist shall give. Circulation is also expected to be enhanced by this step as well as the softening of the debris inside the pores. This will make it easy to peel off the unwanted blackheads and whiteheads.

Hardcore Manual Extraction

For cases that involve the congestion of the pores like the unsightly blackheads and whiteheads shall be manually removed. Such extractions should be performed regularly to maintain the smoothness and clear complexion that it leaves on the patient.

Toning and Hydration

As you reach the end of your treatment, you are given the most important parts of the facial, beginning with the use of the toner that just brings back the skin’s natural pH. This stage also prepares the skin to make it properly absorb the moisturizer that it is about to receive. Next step would be the hydration of the skin that will be accomplished by applying moisturizers that are prescribed based on your skin type. One of the most vital parts of any facial, moisturizing should be done at all times, no matter what skin-type you have. To protect that progress that your skin has made, an SPF product shall be added to the mix, protecting your skin from the harmful and damaging effects of the sun.

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