5 Essential Things You Should Know About Thermage

five thermage skin tightening facts - renewal aestheticsWhen the time comes and you see a tired-looking and old version of yourself, you often wonder what can be done to improve the image in front of you. The good news is that there are now some solutions that can help you manage the ravages of time on your skin right before the unwanted lines come out with skin tightening treatments.

As with any procedure, it is always wise to know what to expect from them and the best treatment that can give you the chance to look younger again.

What is Skin Tightening?

As the name implies, skin tightening treatments are minimally-invasive procedures that tighten the skin with the use of specific instruments that heat the collagen under the surface of the skin, tightening it and erasing the lines that were formed by the ravages of time. Treatments are fitted to the client’s needs. Some may need fewer than others, and will already achieve the results needed.

Skin Tightening Essential Information

Manageable Pain

As with everyone who seeks treatments for the first time, one of the major concerns is the pain that might be experienced during and after the treatment. So it is really a big relief for the patients to know that these treatments are considerably less painful than its surgical counterparts.

Anesthetic creams are applied on the target area to minimize or eliminate any form of discomfort that the patient might experience. So if the patient does experience it, the feeling is usually a heated sensation. There are some hand pieces that reduce the heated sensation by applying a cool blast. If laser was used for this, there is also a chance for a mild stinging sensation to happen that can be accurately compared to a rubbing band snapping on your skin.

Top Candidates for Skin Tightening 

A major benefit in the technology we have today is that treatments can be done on different skin types and skin color. This is especially true for those who want significant changes minus the lengthy downtime and pain of plastic surgery.

Though age is not a restriction, the ideal age to get treatments would be somewhere between 30 and 60. Another requirement is for the patient to be in good health, healthy enough for the skin to repair the loose facial skin and minimize the wrinkles along with the rejuvenated firmness that only healthy skin can produce.

Medical Concerns 

As far as safety issues are concerned, it would be best for the doctor to analyze your overall health, particularly that of your skin to make sure that you are in the best condition to receive the treatment. Aside from skin sensitivity, stinging sensation, and the changing of skin color, breakouts can also happen.

Those who have skin cancer or those who are prone to herpes breakouts should tell their doctors about their condition. Also on the list are those who easily get keloid scars and those who are under medication for acne. Pregnant women cannot get such treatments too.

Thermage for Tighter Skin

Among the numerous skin tightening treatments in the market, Thermage is one of those popular non-surgical procedures today. To understand its popularity better, below are the must-knows of this skin tightening procedure.

What is Thermage

Thermage is a skin tightening treatment that uses radiofrequency to minimize the appearance of sagging and unwanted loose skin. This treatment leaves your skin smoother and younger in look and feel.

The Parts that Benefit the Most from Thermage

Since the skin is the largest organ of the body, it would be nice to know the parts that really benefit the most from Thermage.

Look into the Eyes 

The eyes are known for hooding along with the fine lines around it and the brows can make a person look really tired and worn-out. For its part, Thermage gives a well-rounded treatment by working both on the upper and lower eyelids. This technique refreshes the face and gives the patient a radiant skin.

Face the Problem 

As we get older, loose skin becomes more obvious. Several names have been coined for this situation, including the turkey neck and the loose jowls that add to the aged look that sagging skin gives. For such concerns, Thermage smooths out the lines and the wrinkles that go with them. Not only that, it remodels collagen which keeps good overall condition of the skin intact.

Revitalise Skin Texture & Body

Aside from the neck up, the skin on the other parts of the body also sag and eventually have those unwanted bulges enmeshed with sagging skin that give a really old appearance. With its non-invasive nature, Thermage can improve body contour.

Must-knows of Thermage

Perfect for those who are averse to dramatic changes and long downtime, Thermage should be known pretty well to make the most out of it.

Duration of Treatment

A singular treatment would typically take 45 minutes to finish for the eyes and face, while the body would need up to 90 minutes, especially for the larger body areas that need to be treated.

Number of Treatments

The number of treatments is dependent on the unique characteristics of a patient’s skin. The need for maintenance sessions will largely depend on the assessment of the doctor.


The appearance of any improvement will depend on the quality of the skin. . You just have to give your body the chance to regenerate collagen for it to contour and improve some more which can take up to six months for the transformation to be completed. The production of the new collagen paves the way for the collagen matrix to thicken. This development leads to the smoothing effect that your skin gets from the treatment.

Comfort Should be the Priority

With the Comfort Pulse Technology, this latest generation of Thermage gives the patient an additional gentle vibrating sensation interspersed with cooling bursts to provide you more comfort while the procedure is taking place. While everything is going on, the good surgeon should constantly ask for feedback on the level of heat that is experienced by the patient to be able to balance the heat with the cold. As soon as you are done, you can immediately go back to your daily routine, which works for those who do not want their treatments to be obvious on them.

If you are considering getting Thermage CPT as your skin tightening treatment of choice, Dr. Tyng Tan of Renewal Aesthetics is the one to approach in Singapore. Dr. Tan is certified to perform Thermage treatments and is knowledgeable on the intricacies of the Asian skin.

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