10 Secrets to a Younger-Looking Skin

Holding back the effects of time has created a whole industry where some may work while plenty of others don’t.

That is why you have to be very discerning about what you believe and try on your skin, because instead of striving to look young you might be steering in the wrong direction without you knowing it.

If you want to achieve a youthful skin even to the touch, these ten secrets will be a good start.

Avoid yo-yo diets

The reason why yo-yo diets are never good on the skin is that the constant gains and losses in your weight can stretch the skin making it less elastic. This will be aggravated further with aging and the effects of gravity. If you want your skin to stay firm, keep your weight on stable level to avoid stressing and overly stretching out the skin.

Avoid foods that age you

What you eat will eventually affect the health of your skin. So you have to be very wise in choosing, and you can start off with foods that have lower glycemic index. You have to control your blood sugar levels because if you have them too high may create cross-links in the collagen layers which results to wrinkles. Low glycemic foods include fruits, vegetables, and high fibre grains. Steer clear from white flours, sugary drinks, and baked goods. Other foods that are also culprits to premature skin aging are high fat dairy products such as ice cream and butter.

Cook your food properly

The way we prepare our food can also affect the nutrients we are getting which can also affect the skin. Some methods of preparing food can make your food a perfect agent for advanced glycation process, which can result to wrinkles and aged skin. Even the healthiest foods can be affected, so you have to cook them the right way because this can have a significant effect on its glycation end-products. An example of this would be fast food French fries which has 87 times more AGE (Advanced Glycation End Products) than boiled potato. Instead of frying, methods like steaming, boiling and poaching are better approaches.

Get some good sleep

According to a study from the University Hospitals Case Medical Center in Ohio that was just recently published, those who sleep poorly show increased signs of skin aging, and have a slower recovery rate from environmental stressors.

Give your system adequate omega-3 levels

Vitamins and minerals are the common solutions for healthy skin, but did you know that omega-3 can also help in keeping it more youthful-looking? They act by normalizing the lipids on the skin which keeps the cells from getting dehydrated. This makes the skin properly moisturized which then prevents the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. The anti-inflammatory properties of omega-3 can also prevent irritation and uneven skin tone. Adding to that, it can also make the skin smooth and clear from breakouts. You can get omega-3 rich foods through salmon, tuna, and other fish, or you could simply get it through a trusted supplement.

Retinoid creams

One secret that young Hollywood stars swear by to keep fine a line from turning into wrinkles is retinol or retinoid creams. This is a vitamin A derivative which speeds up cell turnover and collagen growth. Thus it is able to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles, while also lightening dark spots.

No to Sulfates

A secret to keeping the skin looking young is to steer clear from sulfates. This is the substance that is responsible for making your washes foam up. But the problem is that it can also leave the skin dry and flaky. This makes skin more susceptible to breakouts and fine lines. To avoid the damaging effects look for products with a sulfate-free formula.

Medical Aesthetic Treatments


Another Hollywood favourite are Botox injections. Some love it too much that it go overboard leaving them looking ridiculous instead of youthful. It effectively corrects frown lines, crow’s feet and even laugh lines. It may cost you hundreds to thousands of dollars, depending on the extent of the area to be treated.

Injectable fillers

Also known as dermal fillers, these anti-aging treatment can iron out forehead wrinkles and other imperfections on the skin texture. There are different dermal fillers available and each vary according to the length of time they are effective and the areas where they work best.

Skin Laser treatments

Skin laser resurfacing treatments are the more expensive treatments, but they are actually more efficient in the long run because with just a couple of sessions the results can last long and even continues to improve. These procedures start the renewal from the inside out by targeting the collagen and elastin layers. This makes the skin tighter and smoother, while it evens out the skin tone at the same time.

Image Source: Allure.com

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